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Life is going by way too fast these days and slowing down is more important than ever. Self care is being pushed aside to strive for a multi-tasking blue ribbon. We are too busy to listen to our body until an illness stops us. Our inner wisdom is trying so hard to get our attention but all we listen to is our scared inner critic that tells us to do better.

Stop right now, close your eyes, and listen to how you are feeling. You may need some creative play-time if:

  • You are just plain tired, drained, or blah
  •  Your instant reaction is, “I don’t have time because. . . . “
  • Your “I should” list is louder than your self care inner wisdom
  • You are at a crossroad in your life
  • You want something but you just don’t know what
  • You feel resentful at how much you do for other people (it’s ok to not feel good to put yourself on the back burner for others. You should listen to this alarm)
  • You know you need to relax, recuperate, or slow down but you don’t know how
  • Or any other reason because creating can be used as a tool to process, express, experiment, heal, and relax.

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Cathy 2My name is Cathy Lawson and I have had my hands in crafts and art my whole life. My passion is creating and my purpose is helping others to find the joy that comes from making art.

My blog is focused on all that we can learn through playing and experimenting with art. I have found using an altered book as your personal visual journal to be just plain awesome!

What I Offer

My Blogs: The focus of my blogs is making personal art & visual journals. Life can be crazy, happy, sad, and frustrating. Feelings, emotions, and milestones can all be processed in your visual journal. I do my best to be open and honest about how I use this process as I go through my experiences. There are how to’s and why in every post.

How to videos: I have a YouTube channel where I post my videos. Right now they are starting an altered book. A goal is to build a good library for your use.

Check out the Classes and Workshops page

120 gobby  (1 of 1)Bracelets for beginners

I teach jewelry classes at Madison Bead Company from beginner to advanced.

I teach jewelry and altered book/Art as a Tool workshops at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point Wisconsin.