Welcome to Your Inner Art and the Creative Goddess Connection.

A Goddess gives herself permission to be her whole authentic self. She takes care of her own needs without apologies. She uses the creative flow to express herself and gain access to her inner wisdom. Using personal art builds the connection to inner wisdom and self love. A Goddess knows her unique creative expression can be set free in a safe space.

Creating personal art in an altered book/art journal is a fun, easy, and safe way to strengthen the connection to Your Inner Art!! It is a safe container to explore all the facets of your mind/body/spirit.

Start your altered book with a free class!! An hour long step by step tutorial with insights about using personal art as a self care tool in your life!
Personal art is easy fun and cheap – Let me prove that to you!


Let’s Explore Together!

Caring for Yourself Creative Goddess Style book cover
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Explore Creative Goddess Style self care and feel into your inner wisdom. This is your home for inspiration and encouragement as you travel your unique Goddess path.

Visual journal for self care
Click here to Get Creative with a Visual Journal Here

Open yourself to the creative wisdom inside everyone. Using a visual journal with simple techniques to express feelings/emotions, will connect you to a deeper place of authenticity. A journal is your safe space for exploring desires, venting, planning, and playing with your creativity.

Postcard art by Dawn Vander Stoep

-Kelly G after receiving her Goddess Box Kit

This arrived and I am in love!!! Your Inner Art is offering these amazing boxes to assist our creative goddess selves in learning to love ourselves and forgive ourselves for all of our own self judgments. These boxes are a beautiful addition to your altar or to harness some personal treasures that you need to help guide you on your journey. My journals fit beautifully in this gorgeous box! ❤️ Thank you Cathy Lawson!! I’m feeling the love!

-Dana A about Caring for Yourself Creative Goddess Style.

I have read many books in order to grow spiritually and Cathy’s book puts things in a perspective that is easy to understand and yet challenges our way of thinking. You feel like she’s speaking to you, knowing what you are going through and sharing what she has already gone through herself. Her experiences can be applied to opening up your own State of Being to where you will experience what is meant to be in your life. Simple instructions that can be applied to anyone’s life. Each day you can apply Cathy’s teachings easily as well as looking to the monthly plans for growth. This is a book for those who are looking to find their Inner Strength, Inner Goddess and apply it to every day life.

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Commission Painting
I worked with Cathy on some pieces for my bedroom, with the intent of tranquility and inspiration. The overall solution was based directly on our conversations and my personality / needs. It was exciting to watch the progress, and I am so thankful to have them hang in my space – they have brought great joy. Erich K.

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