But I’m Not Creative. . .

We are creating all the time—it goes hand in hand with living our story. We humans are creative beings!
Living a creative life takes a shift of perspective. We create when we cook, arrange knick knacks, pick out the sweater that’s our favorite color, or write an email while choosing the right words. We make something new out of existing parts. When we look out the window of the car driving down the road and notice the colors or see the beauty in the tree next door.
I have used my art practice to guide me through my life, and I know that it can be a wonderful practice for you too. Using art to tell our story and express ourselves is uplifting, satisfying, and healing.
This is another facet of the diamond that is “us”! We can see our style come to life in a project. Our creative voice sings out with the song as it manifests in colors, pictures, and textures. We can see how beautiful our creative style is or we can create ugly pages that represent a struggle in our life.
Creativity is not a painting that is technically correct and will hang on a gallery wall. It is our feelings and emotions expressed without words. Being creative is playing with art supplies that take a snapshot of you in that moment. It is a visual diary without rules and without judgment.
Art is you without your mask jumping in the deep end to explore your story.
It is being willing to take the time for yourself and explore all the stuff you love. Choose the colors you love and play.
This is the same basic way “real” artists create. Artists are exploring something inside them that can’t be quiet. Then they practice A LOT. It takes years for artists to really find their real voices and style.
Art isn’t valid just because it’s paid for. Art is valid because it speaks. What are you going to say?

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