How Can Anyone Have A Perfect Day When It’s So Crapy Outside?

I’m looking out my window today in Madison Wisconsin and it’s gray again. How can I get anything done today with it being so blah? Then I started thinking about what My Perfect Day would be. I’ve been itching to clean & organize my closet so that is what I want to do in this perfect day. I’m sitting down after I have taken out a garbage bag of old clothes and other stuff is in the basement. Now what ever else I do is icing on the cake! I’ll turn on my loud rock music and work on the art journal workbook I’m creating with my partner Jen Falkowski.

Here’s the moral of the story – do the little things that you really want to do so you can make your own perfect day. It’s all about the little steps we take and simplifying your life so you can do those things you want. I write this so I can remember that.

My Perfect Day
My Perfect Day

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