Art as a tool


Meditation Time
Meditation Time

Oh, I can’t. . I’m not creative” is what I hear about 70% of the time when I start talking about art.
The fact of the matter is—we’ve been TAUGHT that we aren’t creative by the 3rd or 4th grade. Stay in the lines, get it perfect, and any “innocent” comment about the picture we draw can plant the seed that we aren’t creative.
I’m preaching to the crowd if you’re reading this newsletter, but let me plant another seed for you to think about. Art is a tool for you to use. It’s not something that demands perfection. In fact art doesn’t ask anything of you except your willingness to step past your fear of making a mistake.
Art is a practice and a wonderful experiment. We can use it for so many things:
Relaxation & stress reduction
Work through emotions
Just for fun
Make gifts
Find our voice and empower us
Workout for your brain
Seeing the creative in the world around us
You are not conforming to art, you are deciding what art is for you. What you create is a part of your inner finger print. It’s unique, just like you!

Meditation Time

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