Is Seeking Balance a Joke?

water doodle 4I’m exhausted and it’s only 2 pm. I’ve spent the day updating my website, posting on FaceBook, and now writing a blog. I’m sure there are more organized ways of keeping up with social media, I just haven’t gotten into the groove yet. It seems it takes organizing to get organized. Which is why I asked myself if finding balance is a joke.

What actually does balance mean? Not what we read on the cover of a magazine, but what does balance mean in our lives? I think we need to understand how we operate first. I really don’t like multi-tasking, except with my art paintings that need to be done in stages. I’m better at giving 110% to a project for a whole day and getting that done before starting something else. Balance for me is prioritizing what I need to do for the week and devote days to projects. If I get done early with something I can move on to my next task or do my art.

I have been really looking inside to see how the best way for me to operate is and what are different triggers for me (both good & bad). This brings me back to also being content with my style of art. I am not going to balance my day like someone else does and my art is going to be exactly my style. There are so many little ways we are moved to measure up to others that we don’t realize it.

How do you operate the best for you? Are there areas in your life where you don’t feel that you measure up? Start focusing on the triggers that make you feel that you need to (fill in the blank) like someone else does it. I do love hearing how others operate and I do grab tips that  help me in all sorts of ways in my life. I need to live a life that really works for me and with me and not one where I’m just trying to do what others tell me. There are so many ways that we can


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