Following My Spirit and Not the “Shoulds”


I have neglected my blogs and Facebook for a couple of weeks. Now I feel like my business my suffer because we’re suppose to post once a day and get out emails. What if I don’t feel like it? What if I just want to paint and listen to inspirational podcasts? Am I lazy or bad? I have started a creative coaching business and am developing an art journal workbook for cancer patients to process their emotions. My advice to people is find your own truth and go with your spirit’s direction. Does that apply to me as well? Do I have the luxury of just creating to create and taking time away from being socially connected? I’m still new to being connected as a business but I am going to take a stand to live exactly how I feel is right. What does my body and spirit say? The last couple of weeks it’s said to go inside and strengthen my truth. I listened to Hay House’s World Conference and soaked up wonderful teachings. I’m now letting that all settle and combine with my truth. Still in somewhat of a transition so I will be patient for my new truth.

Follow your truth where ever it takes you and don’t feel the “I should’s” too strongly. Do what is authentically fulfilling to you so you can shine the light for others to step into their truth more fully. Do art for the sake of playing with colors. Have fun.

May you be blessed!

One Comment on “Following My Spirit and Not the “Shoulds”

  1. It’s 5 am and I can’t sleep. No problem. I read this blog-excellent commentary. What to do, what to do. Huge smile.💖

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