But I’m Not Creative #2

So you think you aren’t creative. . . Well I’m going to give you something to look for today. What went through your mind when you picked out your clothes this morning? When you went outside, did you see something interesting? Did you see different colors today that caught your eye? Did you think someone else looked really cool? Did you see a photo on Facebook that made you look at it for a moment?

window (1 of 1)-2

This is your creative side checking out the things you’re looking at. Next time you see a color or something that excites you when you look at it, pay attention. Look at it a little longer and think about what you think is interesting about what you’re looking at. I love looking at rocks and seeing the shadows and textures. Rusty stuff really sparks my creative side.

You do have a part of you that is creative but it’s been pushed down or told that it’s bad at some point. School is a real creativity stifle – “stay in the lines”, “give me the correct answer”, “color in the lines”, “what is that you’re painting”, or “this poem doesn’t have the correct grammar” . We have been taught to follow and not think outside the box. Outside the box is creativity.

Start pretending you’re creative and look at things like you are looking for something to paint or photograph. Bringing your creative side out starts with pausing and looking through new eyes.

What if you did have a creative muse (you do, you just have to get to know them again)? You can start asking your muse what would they write, draw, play, dance to, or what colors are exciting. Ask and listen – even that is being creative because you’re starting to open up to new possibilities of how to see the world.

Go out today and play a little, have fun, think about what’s creative!

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