Today’s Creative Spark for those “who aren’t creative”

Seeing through different lenses just takes a little practice so put your creative glasses on and let’s look around. My last post suggested you pretend you’re creative and to look at your everyday as if you’d like to photograph it. I had an assignment in my photography class to take a self portrait. Today I challenge you to think about what would be your self portrait.

Art Journal Page

Does thinking about that kinda freak you out? It did me. So many questions ran through my mind – what do I wear, how much makeup to put on, and will I look good? If I chose to focus on those questions, my self portrait would show my shell or mask I showed to the world. The assignment was a self portrait – I had to think about who I was and what was my authentic self.

What is your authentic self? What makes you shine? Who is in your life that brightens your day? What is your style? What are your hobbies or passions? If you scratch your head with any of these questions you can do an “I am” journal page. Just write I AM at the top of the page, put a timer on for 5 mins, and write down EVERYTHING that pops into your head. Look for themes and words that fit together.

Now rethink your self portrait. What would you include? My photo included my art supplies & a self portrait I painted in another class. At my core I create. To create I need to get quite with myself to hear my muse or my inner authentic artist.

At some point today you’ll daydream, spend a few minutes daydreaming about yourself and your I AM list.



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