Use Instagram for Sparking Your Creativity

Bead Embroidey Pin

What do you use Instagram for? Have you thought about using it to catalog images that get your creative juices flowing? I was at the Art Fair on the Square in Madison Wisconsin last weekend and I took a couple of pictures so I could remember aspects about the artist’s work that really sparked my creative flow. I did not take the pictures so I could copy the artist but to use the image when I get stuck at some point and need a little inspiration. It can be your own personal Pintrest board of inspiration in your everyday. You could take pictures of color combinations in a furniture or clothing store. Interesting architecture or window displays. When you’re taking a walk, look for interesting pictures. This will help your creativity because you are more aware of what inspires you because you’re looking for photo ops. You notice details, beauty, and become more mindful as you are framing your surroundings looking for inspiration.

This post is the first in a series of being more creative in simple ways. I will be using an inexpensive Kodak digital camera and giving pointers on photos for fun. Simple photo how to’s and using (my favorite editing website). As you go. . .Go creatively!





One Comment on “Use Instagram for Sparking Your Creativity

  1. Such a great idea! Often when we are in the most unique places, our creativity is stimulated, yet we may not have pen/paper or anything handy. Our creativity is so rich, it only takes a little spark to light the fire.

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