Monday’s Creative Photo Tip

Good Monday Morning! Did you get your phone or camera out over the weekend? If you did, post your photos on my site and include your tips for great photos.

Statue at Olbrich Gardens

The photo tip for today – get different angles of your subject. I got out my inexpensive Kodak digital camera and went to Olbrich Gardens in Madison Wisconsin. Botanical gardens are a great place to invigorate your creative muse and your spirit. This photo is of a statue from the angle we usually use – straight on.

Right side statue statue

If you take more pictures from different angles you’ll get something even more interesting. Get in the habit of moving around your subject and taking several pictures. You can get on the ground and shoot up or get above your subject and shoot down.

Not only will you get really good photos, you will start to see other things in life from different angles. It’s really fun to practice seeing the details and interest in objects you may be passing by without acknowledging.

Have a creative day!!



4 Comments on “Monday’s Creative Photo Tip

  1. Good tip. We see too many thing “straight on”. Yet, when we create art we need to be able to see (or in my mind, “feel”) the thing we are creating in its entirety.

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    • I can’t tell you how this touched me Kim! I am so moved that my simple camera lesson inspired such depth! I just love reading your posts and seeing your art. May you be blessed beyond measure today!!!! Cathy

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