Use a theme to get creative with your photos

lily pads Cabbage

Use a theme or a subject when you go out with your camera as this will make it easier to focus your attention & lens. The pictures above are vegetation (obviously) but to emphasize the textures and designs, I took them in black & white.

Themes: textures, shadows, the garden, or interesting designs in nature

Alias 46849_157303124285569_1375385_n

Non point Non point 1

It’s concert season outdoors so why not take your camera? You may get people’s head in the way but a couple will be really good. I really like actions shots (and loud rock bands). These were taken in Madison WI at the Taste of Madison festival. Great food and really good music. This band is Nonpoint.

Themes: Concerts, outdoor festivals (Renaissance Festivals), sports, people watching.

State Street Building 1

Buildings and architecture are great for exploring with your camera. You can explore shadows especially in the early morning or evening.

reflection of capital  Reflection 2

Reflection 3 Reflection

Reflections are really fun and you can get some really cool effects. You can get spectacular reflections in ponds & lakes too.

Day 4 & 5 C 122 reflect tree 2

reflect with mountains Tetons 3

More themes/subjects: light (& shadows), a self portrait (not a selfie), on a walk, animals, clouds, storms, sculptures, or rocks.

Happy photographing!!!

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