Playing with PicMonkey – Photo Editing

Life is

This will be our last creative dance in photography. Now that you have gone out and tried different ways to take photographs, why not try a free photo editing website? You can really have fun now!

I use because they have really good features that are easy to use and it’s free. If you like it, you can upgrade to get more effects. I use the free ones – they’re enough for me. Last year I made Christmas cards by editing a photo and then uploading it to Vista Print to print the cards.

When you go to PicMonkey, the home page you want to click “Edit Photo” at the top of the page. When it takes you to the edit page, at the top click “open”. This takes you to the files on your computer. Pick a photo to upload it.

089  Life is

Here’s a before and after. Play around with the effects you want. The editor has the basics on the page. On the side panel you can crop, add effects, touch up portraits, add stickers, frames, and overlays. I used the Focal B&W and focused the color on the plant. Darken edges and the frosted edges.

window window 10

I cropped the photo, used a water overlay and a frame.

Get out this weekend and play with your camera! Like me on Facebook (Your Inner Art) and post your creative results!!

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