Descision Making and Chillin’ Out


Last week I was advised by my Reki healer to disconnect from being my business 24/7 before I lost myself and needed even more time off. Over the weekend I did a painting just for fun. Even though I am an artist and creative coach, doing a painting without any intent was a perfect way to loose myself in “me” time.

As I poured water color paint onto the paper, made marks with a coffee cup for a base design, it felt like I was letting my anxiety flow down the sink with the excess paint. I played with the paint, cut a hole in the paper and burned the edges. I did some weaving in that space. On Sunday I didn’t do anything business related – just worked on the painting and meditated by not thinking about much.


The end result is entitled – “Dream Catcher Two Ways”. I don’t know if it’s done yet but I had a very cleansing weekend playing with this piece.

Sometimes we all get to that place of “I don’t know what to do next” and it’s a very confusing place indeed. Our minds tumble over all the I should’s and what if’s. There are a couple things to help refocus your thoughts.

1) There are many paths that are open to you and they are all filled with magic, opportunities, and frustrations. There is not just one path that will bring you what you want or that is right for you. Moving forward is more important than trying to pick the perfect path.

2) You are here to learn lessons that will bring you closer to your true authentic self. Which path/way/decision will be most authentic to you? Only you can decide that and again there is no wrong way to get to know yourself better.

Take time to unplug from what you think you should be doing. Relax and get creative. Just be you and listen to your heart because it always leads you in the perfect path you need.

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3 Comments on “Descision Making and Chillin’ Out

  1. Oh, I just loved this- especially point 1. I also liked how you were given the advice to just step away for a bit, we all need that advice.
    I love the sense of “play” in the work.

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