Art Journal – in beads

Look Within

The caption on the watch face reads “look within” to remind myself I have the answers inside if I just quite my mind. This is an art journal page that I can wear and be transparent to those who see it. My message is to look within, find your authentic creative self, and sing with abandon about your truth.

Whatever we believe becomes our truth or at least it tries. I have tried on several versions of other people’s truth that just didn’t feel or fit right. It was only during a year where everything that was “me” left or didn’t fit anymore. It was the hardest year of my life, but the most freeing. I did feel like a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon after I searched within.

I found that I did believe in faeries, energy healing, chakras, and being powerful. I had been told in different ways to conform and be good. It was time for me to break free and fly. Art has been my wings throughout my life helping me fly and look within.

Fly a page in my altered book

You know that dream where you can fly? Your not dreaming! A page from the altered book I did that inspired me to find my authentic self. Art is there for any reason: a balm for soothing, a joy for celebration, just to be, a companion when you are lonely, a buddy when you’re bored, a shared experience for those in a group, a bridge to know and love yourself more.

Look Within 2                                              window (1 of 1)-2


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