Golden Artists – working with seniors

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I have had the pleasure of working with senior adults in several venues over the past few months and I have really come to treasure my time with them. I will admit that sometimes it’s like herding cats because getting everyone to follow directions is a challenge but that makes my experience precious.

Some adults haven’t tried creating since they were in school but one they do, they reconnect with the joy art brings. It is just another testimony for the healing powers of art – in any form. To see the connections of the members as they paint together brings such joy into the atmosphere and touches me so deeply. I’m not even doing the project but just being there I am lifted into joy.

I love teaching and bringing art and the creative process to people of all ages. We can all learn so much about ourselves from engaging in art – in any form and any process.

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All art is beautiful because it comes from our souls. Our souls sing through the colors, lines, and shapes. We are all artists and creatives, some have just forgotten. We are all beautifully individual and that is evident in what we create. Do you want to get to know someone? Do art with them and the beauty that develops between you will be profound.

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You can see who a person is in their art and it is all beautiful because it is the soul singing it’s pure authentic voice. So many life experiences are layered on the pages and I am blessed to be with such wonderful people as they sing.


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    • And I thought I was babbling a bit. It just goes to show that we need to follow our hearts and speak with authenticity. Thank you! You have become quite an important part of my blogging!

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