How Easily I Get Derailed from My Schedule

TREE (1 of 1) Life just gets in the way of my creative coaching business and I find myself in blurred boundaries between multiple obligations. My goal in any situation is to learn more about myself and what my reactions are. What am I learning? My first tendency is to fix things and people which is good if my boundaries are healthy. My first question should be – am I really needed and how much should I give? Flying into help mode may actually confuse the situation.

Strengthening my priorities and boundaries is an ongoing task for me especially when it comes to my business. So here I sit blogging without a real clear purpose today. I’m foggy and without much creative flow. My priority today is teaching a beginning beading class and when I get home – regroup.

This is real life – start strong, get to a detour, and then find my way back to the road I’m suppose to be on. Breath, stretch, move, create, make a list, follow it as much as I can.

Peace I’m most at peace when I’m checking off my to do list!

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