30 day Create Every Day Challenge

Mixed Media Sketchbook
Mixed Media Sketchbook

Even though I am a creative coach and teach various art/jewelry classes, there are days I don’t touch art supplies. The business end of things take over and then I find myself really stressed. On the days I do something creative (as if by magic) the day goes a lot better. Just doing something in my sketch book helps me to refocus and relax. It’s always amazing to me that doing anything creative really does helps me to center, focus, think more positively, and relax. Art making is there for anyone to experience it’s magic and there is no experience required to create.

college Rip, cut, glue. Use your junk mail for collages!

I use the term – create because I feel it doesn’t carry some of the expectations that the word art does. This 30 day challenge is all about fun, no rules, no expectations, just play for a few minutes each day. You don’t have to finish a project each day and you probably won’t. This is just to help everyone find a little part of your day to loose yourself in the creative process.

Ideas: doodling, collage, paint, draw, use crayons, write a story, make a poem with words cut out from magazines, take photos, use a journal, sketch book, scrapbook paper, a hard cover book,  card board, 3×5 cards, or post it notes.

I will be posting ideas & photos on my Facebook page – Your Inner Art and you can post pics of what you are doing there too!

Think about any supplies you might need this weekend and get ready. It’s best if you have a kit ready and easy to get to.

30 Day Art Challenge 002 Have your supplies ready so you can grab and create!

Happy Creating!

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