30 Day Create Every Day Challenge is ON!

Happy September 1st and to the 30 day Create Every Day Challenge!!!!

Mixed Media Sketchbook
Mixed Media Sketchbook

I have started with doodling because all you need is paper and a pen. I have been doodling since high school and got some pretty negative feedback from teachers. I have now learned that when a person doodles while listening, it helps to process the information. I would like to go back to history class and tell that to the teacher after he said “How can you pass the tests when you’re drawing all the time?”

I share that story in hopes of promoting doodling during meetings, classes, phone calls, or any time. It’s a fantastic tool for relaxation. I can get lost in drawings.

doodle a day

Creating something everyday doesn’t mean you have to spend hours and do a project from start to finish. I am working on this full page doodle a little at a time. Thinking about doing the whole thing at once is overwhelming. Take art projects in little Fun Sized pieces.

zen doodle Still going. This is four days of doodles.

I’m not pressuring myself and have no expectations. There are some parts I really like and some not as much. That is another thing that happens – you may not be fully satisfied with every part of your creation. Focus on the parts you like, keep going until it’s done, and then see how it feels.

2 Comments on “30 Day Create Every Day Challenge is ON!

    • Yippy! All I really want to do is to inspire others to feel good about doing art – especially those who might not see themselves as creative.

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