Day 2 Create Every Day Challenge

water doodle Last night’s project while watching meaningless tv.

This is my absolute favorite form of creating – watercolor abstracts and doodling all the shapes I see. I get to play with watercolors and see all “action” that goes in with the wet paper and paints. There is always a surprise when the paints blend together. In this project I used Twinkling H2O iridescent watercolors. They come in individual pots in really great vibrant colors. (I just realized I need to take pictures of the process – so look for those). When the colors dry, they shimmer and are iridescent.

I paint colors that I feel like (I paint from my gut and intuition). I have been cultivating my ability to listen to how my creative side wants to play. I love blues, oranges/yellows and purples because they are opposite on the color wheel. Start with one color and just take the next step and paint another color. I don’t have any idea how any of my projects are going to look when I start. I just take them step by step. I take a pause in between each step to I can listen what comes next.

watercolor doodle

Here is the watercolor alone. I get the textures by painting one color and then using the tip of the brush dot on other colors. Different textures happen as the paint starts to dry. I love seeing what emerges.

Then doodle. I outline the big shapes first and then add details as I go. Here’s the big lesson: I don’t REALLY like my projects until they are done. That’s how I know I need to continue working the details on it. I’m just not satisfied until it’s done and I feel a restlessness. Know that this is totally normal and just keep working on your project.

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