Day 4 Create Every Day – Step by Step

minion Coloring is a fun way to start remembering your creative voice.

I fully understand that’s it’s very easy for me to say – “Hey, do my 30 Day Create Every Day Challenge”  because I grew up with artistic parents and I have chosen to be an artist myself. I’m comfortable following my intuition in my projects and I know the techniques to use for a successful project.

But if you haven’t had much experience with art since grade school, it is intimidating. I recommend starting slow with just a few supplies. My mission is that art/crafting/creating be a fun and safe place for you. Finding your creative style should be approached with an attitude of experimentation and without expectations. It’s there for you to choose your favorite colors, interesting things to photograph, songs to sing, or doodles to draw.

Start again where you left off. You might want to get a coloring book just to reawaken your joy of colors. The crayola company has a wide selection of different kinds of supplies and using “kid stuff” will help take any pressure off you feel to get too serious. Don’t look at too many examples of beautiful projects either. Looking at a project by someone who’s already been practicing for years with fill you with doubt. Your first few attempts with a new supply or technique won’t be fantastic because you’re learning how to do it.

Start small with a supply you’re comfortable and no expectations. Use art for play, experimentation, and relaxation. Use art to reconnect with your inner child and to remember just how fun it was in your kindergarten art class.

You don’t have to do art every day if that stresses you out. Do some art when ever you feel the urge – don’t ignore your desire to create.

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