30 day Create Every Day Challenge Day 5

Marble Mural The 3rd layer of a wall mural of marble

I’m learning that when I do art every day, my life is much more satisfying. My day job this week is to paint a mural for a Reiki healer here in Madison Rene Christesen in her studio, facebook.com/ChannelsReiki. One of the most satisfy parts of being an artist is trading with other people. I need energy sessions and she wanted a piece of really cool art.

Marbel 1 Now for the lettering.

marble Detail.

I haven’t done faux marble in a while and I had a great time hanging out with the gals. Before I went to work I had a few minutes waiting in my car and I was ready with my mini sketch pad. So my create a day project was this. . .

waiting Time went by really quickly as I doodled.

I didn’t mind waiting at all and I didn’t even pick up my phone. I connected with my creative side which is so much more satisfying. The sketchbook is really small & fits in my purse. Armed with that and a pen sitting with myself was great. This has been a really great week because I’ve put my focus on making stuff every day.

I’ve even found I haven’t eaten as much because my hands & attention is focused on my doodles in the evening. Art helps in so many different ways so CREATE EVERY DAY!

3 Comments on “30 day Create Every Day Challenge Day 5

  1. What an awesome challenge! And it’s wonderful that you’re finding so many benefits to it. I’m cheering for you! 🙂

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