I got a great idea for the creative focus today while I was doing dishes. I started thinking about who I was and a couple things came to mind. Then I put that in one sentence. A few images popped into my head of pictures of me. Bam, a challenge was born – “It’s all about you babe!”

Think of some core aspects that make you – you. Put it in a sentence along with 4-5 pictures that capture your essence.

I am a creative, fairie loving, teacher who is searching for my truth while I rock out and hang with my boys and other creatives to spread the word that creating is cool.

Brisol Ren Faire where I meet a real fairie

Bristol Ren Fair – meeting a fairie
Taste of Madison with Crobot
Taste of Madison with Crobot
With my boys at Disney
With my boys at Disney
Learning the camera with Brad & my son
Learning the camera with Brad & my son
Live your imagination
Live your imagination

So this is me in a nut shell. This helps your creative brain and lets you really get to the essence of who you are. What is really important down deep in your core? Mine is fun, creating, teaching/sharing and the people I’m close to. If you know your true desires and own them then you can live your life according to your essence. I got happier as I shifted through what was actually me and what I pretended was me.

That’s what creativity does – helps you figure out who you and what you love. It also has helped me to be brave, meditate, give great gifts, and nurture my true self. So create – it’s all about you babe!!!

Post who you are and shout it to the world here or on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/home.php.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – Day 6 It’s all about you babe!!

  1. I like this idea. I’ll try it one of these days when I’m not working on deadline. Your pictures really give a sense of who you are and what’s important to you. The idea of limiting the “story” to 5 pictures is great! 🙂

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