30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – Doodle Love

Doodley Do This doodle took 4 days to complete. Little bits of time.

What did I learn about me & my art practice last week creating every day is Holy F*#!ck do I love doodling! Doodle love is now my mantra. I have one Zen Doodle book and have been doodling in every notebook since I was little. My advice is get ideas from books and images on Pintrest but don’t get overwhelmed. Start with just a couple of designs/patterns and do sections in one sitting but not the whole drawing. This is only for relaxation and fun.

I doodle what’s comfortable for me and may add one different pattern on each page. In the photo above, the scales were a new doodle for me. The really thin lines I made with my gel pen really made me happy so I started to use them in the next waterdoodle I did.

Water doodle A new style of thin line appeared in this doodle.

I was focusing on the thin lines and toward the end of my doodling I tried a squiggly line and I loved the effect. As you practice what you are already comfortable with, you’ll get the courage & gut feeling to try something new. Sometimes it works and sometimes you may not be 100% happy with what appears. Keep going and exploring and building on what you’re doing because it will lead someplace really cool.

Doodle 4  This is what came out of my doodle practice this week.

I love what I started on this page and I want to add this to my water doodles. You can see my style in this doodle – it looks like my jewelry. My doodle love is emerging in really great ways and this is exactly why I love creating.

Brides maid bracelets Bead embroidery bracelets with freshwater pearls.


4 Comments on “30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – Doodle Love

  1. To be honest before Sept I didn’t have a sketchbook I used or doodled that much. Boy is it fun! It’s keeping my hand out of the cookie jar at night too – added bonus.

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