30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – UUGGG no steam today.

body scan for book

My body is out of steam and out of energy. I don’t really know why. It seems I have one really energy filled day and then a couple where I fight to do anything productive. On a day like today gentle yoga and meditation to prioritize what I need to do. Today I will do a body scan using the template above.

To do a body scan, get comfortable and relax your mind. I won’t say to still your mind because I haven’t been able to do that yet so just relax it. Acknowledge the thoughts that come to mind and then let them go – they are not your responsibility right now.

Look within your body and be aware of any images, sensations, or sounds, that come to mind. You are an observer in this exercise. You don’t have to figure out what’s going on, just acknowledge what your body & spirit are presenting to you.

Sometimes you’ll see something and sometimes you won’t – this is a very organic practice. It does help with “just being” and letting your body communicate with you. You may understand what you experience and you may not. Use the body template to draw what you see or journal about what happened.

Heart and WingsThis is an image that came into my mind’s eye after focusing inward. I see a rusty tin man and part of me that is almost flat because I run over myself sometimes. My anxiety shows up as a big whirl. It can be hard to put into words what’s going on so drawing is a great way to communicate.

If you are guided to get more help, look up energy workers, medical initiatives, Reiki healers, or mediums.


2 Comments on “30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – UUGGG no steam today.

  1. I really, really liked this. I feel our bodies are so insightful. I never thought to approach my art in this manner, though. thank you for the idea!

    • I needed to connect more with my body when I was going through my cancer treatments. I have a way of being too much in my head and ignore my body.

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