30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – Day 11 and Doodle Love

Day 11

Doodle love – I’ve never really had this before. I’m really loving what I’m drawing and I’m seeing that I’m good. Great drawings has never been how I would describe my art because I don’t draw perspective or faces so I automatically decided I can’t draw. What I’ve discovered is that I just draw stuff that looks a lot like my jewelry and different natural patterns like marble.

Do I like every part of the drawing – no but I really like it and the self criticism telling me I can’t draw is almost gone. Creating and loving what you create brings the softness needed to help gently usher out self criticism. Our creations are part of us and reflect us. If we can find good and beauty in what we make, then we can find the good and beauty in ourselves.

When the voice of our inner critic comes out, guide your thoughts and focus on parts of your art that you love. Be bold (nobody’s watching) in acknowledging what you like about your art. The bolder you are about what you love in your art, the less tight of a hold your inner critic has.

Practice being comfortable with praising your own art. I really love this doodle and the squiggly lines. There is a learning curve with a new technique so what you really love may be a small part of your first attempt. As you get more comfortable with your art, the better it becomes.

Let loose, love your art, and love yourself!!

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