Doodles with gel pencolored pencils and doodles

Adding Color to doodles






Last night I decided to get out my colored pencils and see how some color would look. My sketchbook is all about experimenting so I wasn’t worried if I “wrecked” my doodle. I don’t use colored pencils that much so I just played. I found out that I need more practice with shading. I did have fun and that is the main focus of the sketchbook anyway. I used some of my gel pens for accents. I have not decided if color really adds to the doodle. I do like the little one in the middle with color more.

Relax with your sketchbook – it’s one place that you can leave behind expectations and comparisons. Be present in the moment of loosing yourself in creating and uncover more of what your visual style is. Be grateful for the time you spend creating and pick out the parts you really like – celebrate.


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