30 Day Create Every Day Challange – Water Color Learning Curve.

Water Color DragonflyI’m in the middle of the process with this water color painting. This is the base for subtracting some paint and adding some more paint.

I took time away from the computer this weekend and spread out my paints. I’m going to be spending time alone on the weekends now as the hunting season has started. I actually look forward to most of the time by myself so I can immerse myself in my art.

I’m starting to paint patterns that has the spirit that my jewelry does. This is the first water color I’ve tried doing that.

Look WithinYou can see some resemblance between the two. It will take some fine tuning – especially with recreating the small beads.

I’m finding this challenge invigorating but any new style/media/technique in art has a learning curve. I am learning so much with this challenge and having a business that teaches art. I am now able to embrace that learning curve and become comfortable with the practice pieces.

I don’t know exactly how the dragonfly piece will turn out yet but I’m excited to try to replicate my bead projects on paper.

Watercolor Doodle I did go back to my comfort zone of the image of the circle and then the interesting wisps emerged. I almost didn’t work this one out but I’m glad I stuck with it. It’s good to remember to not give up on a piece too early. It never looks right until it’s done. Stick out past the feeling that it’s ugly, just add more detail.

Part of the learning curve is to understand you aren’t going to be satisfied with your piece until it’s done. Every art project I’ve done doesn’t look good until I finish it. Believe and trust in the process.


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