30 Day Create Every Day – Talking Art and Creating New Ideas

Looking OutLook out into the world, connect, and create new ideas. Yesterday I spent time with a friend that is an artist and taught art for years. I worked for her at the University Hospital in the Art and Healthcare Department she coordinated. It was great to talk art and techniques with Sarah.

Filling our well of inspiration is a big part of the creative learning curve. Learning tips and techniques from other people is always great for your spirit. When you are filled up with ideas and positive energy it naturally bubbles out. This will give you the courage to stretch your creative wings and try something new.

I’m going to be trying an Aquaboard for watercolor painting. It is a little scary because I could make a mistake and then what if I ruin the painting? At this point, I have to remember all the inspiration, tips, techniques I’ve learned and that I can always collage watercolor paper over anything I don’t like.

Talking art, getting inspired, and remembering that a “mistake” just takes you in a different direction helps me have the courage to try this new board. The creative learning curve starts with an idea and then you go down a path stepping on one stone at a time. You never really know where this path is going to take you but it’s a great experience. Create every day and creating new ideas will get easier and easier.

6 Comments on “30 Day Create Every Day – Talking Art and Creating New Ideas

    • Thank you! I tried a lithography class 1 year ago and really didn’t like it at all. It was interesting but I just didn’t like the process. It was interesting to see that even after my cancer treatments were over, I was still processing what happened. The cancer images showed up and I wasn’t even aware until after I had printed.

      • Wow…I don’t even know what to say. I hope you are doing well and sending you comforting hugs across the way. I had a breast cancer scare and it took four months to find out if my lump was cancerous or not. One of the roughest times in my life. I went through the same thing at 18 before I joined Army and they cleared me then too. Twice I have been lucky…I hope to not have to deal with a third time.

      • No worries! I just went to the Dr today and all my number are still good. I have a type of leukemia and had a stem cell transplant 2 1/2 years ago during the Christmas break at college. I was a returning student and wasn’t going to interrupt my dream of going back to school with cancer. I was going to school for art therapy so I got some great hands on experience and did my internship at the cancer clinic where I was treated. I’m co-authoring an art journal workbook for cancer patients with my biz partner. I found art to be a real help with it all. I was in the Army too and pretty much hated it. I did get to Germany which I loved. How did you do in the service? I am glad I didn’t get breast cancer – I’ll take a stem cell transplant over surgery. Life is pretty interesting.

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