30 Day Create Everyday Challenge – Fast Art for Those Who Don’t Have Time

Watercolor This week has been busier for me than usual and I didn’t have as much time to create every day so I grabbed the watercolors I did last Saturday and just doodled on them. I get my creative fix in the evening when I need to do something but relax and it’s easy to pick up.

watercolor 4Last Saturday when I had time, I got out my watercolors and played with small pieces of paper. I had bought a large piece of watercolor paper and I just ripped it up to small rectangles. I’m ready with my paint and paper when I have a few hours to play. I did 5 little paintings that day. I tend to paint more abstracts, mandalas, and shapes that look like my jewelry.

wisps and circlesWater Color DragonflyMeditation with healing mandalaI got my fix of painting all at once and I also had my doodle pages ready for the week.

I doodled on this one last night. I have a board on Pintrest with different Zen Doodle examples for inspiration. I do one shape at a time and then think about which one I want to do next and with what pattern.

I do my art in little steps and don’t worry about what it’s going to look like until it’s done. It’s easier to do one shape at a time and not try to figure out the whole thing at once. Less stress = more fun and that is the whole point of creating.


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