30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – What to do if nothing is working

Life isWhat if it’s one of those days that the canvas just isn’t working out? I just deleted my first post because it was crap – so now what? I feel like crap and the example I was working on is shit. Do you relate?

I’m going to listen to what my gut & spirit is telling me – REST. I did try and create this morning but I’m not happy with what happened. This challenge is about what I learn from the experience and what I’ve learned today is rest is essential for creativity. I also learned that the paper one uses for watercolor painting really has to be right.

I got the best tip from Sara Strozinski (http://sarastrozinskyart.com) who is a phenomenal watercolor artist and friend of mine which is – after you lay the first layer of watercolor paint on, scrub some off. I absolutely love this technique.Watercolor Doodle

You can see where I scrubbed some of the paint off the here. It looks really good when I use Quinacridone Gold (another suggestion from Sara). But you have to be care not to scrub off too much or use thicker paper.

W D 12Watercolor experiment






You can see that scrubbing off some of the paint adds an interesting depth (after I add black gel pen it will be better). I didn’t like one part in the middle and scrubbed off too much paper. I’ll probably use an exacto knife & cut out that part.

Ok, now for a nap. Happy creating everyone!!

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