30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – The Day of Epic Fails


I keep this quote in mind when I have epic fail days. Yesterday was one of those! I felt crappy, I tried several attempts at being creative which turned out crappy, and I couldn’t even fall asleep when I tried to take a nap. The highlight of my day was my boyfriend making pigs in a blanket for dinner (crap for dinner – but I haven’t had those in years).

The big thing about yesterday is that I was able to let it all go and not get too frustrated. I fall into that mindset that if I’m not working hard and accomplishing much I’m a failure. Years of conditioning from several sources makes it harder to just “be” but realizing where these thoughts originate help me to let them go.

If nothing else, just practice compassion for yourself during those times of epic failure. Daydream, smile, relax when you can, and enjoy a cup of tea – soon the day will start new again.

meditation rock (1 of 1)

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