30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – The Most Important Part is Self Care!

Peace Take (at least) one day a week for self care. Where is your peace?

Even though I’m leading/doing this challenge I am not going to sacrifice my peace to follow rules. I am not going to sit down to create something really time consuming if I just don’t have the energy. The most important part is self care! Listening to your gut, your body, your spirit is where our creativity stems from. I can’t create and get very frustrated if I push myself and force my art. There are times when I have been on a time crunch and needed to create but I made sure to rest in other areas of my life to keep my energy positive.

Here’s the best tip I can give you to enhance your creative flow – simplify your life. We have bought into the illusion that we need to live at warp speed and I call bullshit on this mindset. We do not have to follow the crowd into a frenzied schedule manically rushing our kids around. The faster we go the less connected we are.

Slow down today and take your inner creative on an art date – get some inspiration! What inspires you and where is it?

What does self care mean to you? Start with your schedule – what does it look like? Do you feel guilty if you spend time/money on yourself? The most important part of our lives is self care and self discovery.

Back cover of altered book Write your poem & live your poem

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