30 Day Create Every Day Challange – Making My Sketchbook Friendly

Vision Board

I’ve decided to use my sketchbook instead of just keeping for those “special” times I want to draw. In the last few days of the challenge I have decided to make my sketchbook friendly. It’s so easy to save our supplies for that “special” project or the sketchbook for the time we’re better at drawing.

When we put the supplies we have up on a pedestal only to be used for the perfect project, then they become scary. It’s too scary to make something that’s not perfect. Art is not suppose to be perfect or scary. It’s practice, messy, demanding, experimenting, fun, frustrating, and satisfying. It will never be the great stuff it’s suppose to be if we wait for the perfect moment to make the perfect thing. Take your lofty expectations and symbolically throw them away so you can have fun with your stuff!!

art kit One of the fun aspects of creating is collecting. Sometimes I find myself buying really cool supplies and I don’t even know what I’ll use them for or how they work. At times I have more money than time so I buy stuff. Other times I have more time than money so I use the supplies I have. I challenge myself to use what the beautiful things I have stashed before I buy more.

I know how fun it is to browse through a craft or art supply store. I will go for just inspiration play dates. If you buy something remember, it’s not so precious that it should be saved. It was created for the one purpose of being used in whatever way you want.

Sketchbook 3

I am loving my doodle Sundays. In the evening as my boyfriend is watching his hunting shows, I doodle. I have a pretty big board on Pintrest of doodles and I get out my IPad pull up a picture and try it in the sketchbook. I am finding that I have A LOT of examples I want to try and many pins that I look at. Instead of just hoarding my pins, I’m going to do the stuff in my sketchbook.

This has led me to reframe my “fear” of using my sketchbook for “special” projects. I’m using it for everyday stuff, lists, biz planning, vision boards, and collaging with all the “special” pictures I have saved.

Sketchbook 4

This page has notes about what an art journal is that I wanted to keep so I printed the notes to collage. I got out my bag of collage elements that I have been using sparingly and just started grabbing and pasting. Use the supplies you have – don’t wait for a rainy day or the perfect project. Make your sketchbook friendly!

3 Comments on “30 Day Create Every Day Challange – Making My Sketchbook Friendly

  1. I LOVE this concept! It’s so true in fact I do this – all my lovely supplies on a shelf. No more! Tonight we get messy! πŸ™‚ Love it. One of my other creative friends (you can check him out if you like at http://www.mikialmillard.com) says if his writing hits a block he switches gears to painting. Such a cool idea to let loose.

    Blessings, light and divine messes! πŸ™‚

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