30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – Artful Experiements that helped me grow

Doodles with gel penToday is the last day of the create every day challenge. Time has flown by and I have a lot of artful experiments that helped me to grow as an artist. I have not considered myself too good at drawing, but I forced myself past my own mental blocks to explore.

The mental blocks I had was that I can’t do perspective or faces. That isn’t the truth because when I drew something I really liked (beadwork) I can get some great perspective and depth. I had mistakenly put myself in the box of needing to draw buildings and portraits. When I did that, it was hard to look past the walls of that box until I tried to draw what I liked to paint and bead.

The subject matter is what you can explore in all different types of mediums. I love texture and color. Stones, layers, and varying thickness of line.


Bead weaving & embroidery

You can see my art has a certain “flavor”. Different mediums but all exploring color & texture.





What box have you mistakenly got into? Are you focusing on what you can’t do instead of what you can do? Do you have a flavor? What do you explore?

This 30 day challenge has done something very special inside me. My muse & I are closer than ever and I’m listening more. I’ve experimented and haven’t looked at anything as a failure or mistake.

Next up – a healing art journal!

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