Healing Journals – An idea that’s just starting to bud


I have an undergrad degree in art therapy and was in my junior year when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer. Needless to say my assignments turned into powerful healing tools. I even had a stem cell transplant on Christmas break a few years ago.

Going back to school in my 40’s I already knew that art helps to heal and this experience just reinforced that for me. My art has empowered me and I use it not only for fun but to express all my feelings. Art heals, empowers, loves, relaxes, and is mindful. It is all the stuff we are encouraged to cultivate in our lives to live whole-ly.

Now that I love creating every day – October is going to be all about healing. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually too. We are all segmented in some way because this life is full of a variety of traumas. Even if we aren’t in crisis right now, there is something we can heal from our past. We can gain peace from expressing and releasing.

Today is scribble therapy. It is so satisfying to grab random colors, scribble, smug, and get messy. If you’d like to travel along, grab your sketchbook, journal, or paper and I’ll be happy to have you with me!!!

My Fight
My Fight

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