The Healing Journal and The Stomach Bug

what's insideThe day after I decide to do a series about a healing journal I get a nasty stomach bug thing – interesting huh? There is a cycle for everything and healing starts with a crisis of our body, mind, emotions, or spirit. Then resting and rebuilding.

A stomach bug is a pretty simple crisis that even though horrible, you know it won’t be long until you’re back to normal. There will be days when you have the energy to create or journal but as I was trying to figure out a way to throw up while I laid on the nice cool bathroom floor, not a lot of creativity happening right then.

Being creative is learning to go with the flow and listening to how you can express yourself authentically. Having a healing journal isn’t about being chained to one more thing that we “have” to do. Taking care of yourself is the best medicine for mind, body, and spirit. Our creativity grows from honoring ourselves and being authentic to who we are and what we love.

I haven’t done anything in my healing journal in a couple of days, but I have been visualizing my happy place, combining colors in my head, and thinking about art projects. Anything to get my mind off feeling like crap.

RELAX (1 of 1)Do projects when you can – as much as you can and give yourself rest when you need to. Listen to your body, express your feelings, and use a healing journal to find the lessons in a crisis. What did I learn the last couple of days – that everything has a cycle.

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