Where to Start with a Healing Journal?

Sketchbook 2As I’ve been in meditation for the healing journal workbook I’m creating with my biz partner Jen, “Where do I start?” Has popped into my head more than once. Of course the right answer is. . . anywhere – just freaking pick something. I can get so lost in trying to get to the perfect blog, painting, etc that I forget to just stick with the first thing that pops into my head and go with it. My gut/intuition/spirit guides/God will get to the right place so just trusting that first spark of inspiration is always the “right” place to begin.

unraveling-woolWhile pondering healing, dis – ease came up and also an unraveling. We aren’t whole (and most people won’t ever be) but hopefully, we will strive to understand where we need mending. This unraveling leads to a dis – ease in our inner world. It weakens our immune systems, causes us to abuse ourselves, and play out in repetitive broken relationships.

cropped-dsc_0370.jpgWhere do we start tenderly repairing the dropped loops and dangling threads? Listening and loving. I have been taught “active listening” more than once but I have a hard time using it when it’s my spirit that is trying to talk to me. I’m getting much better taking the time to value my intuition and then to believe that inner voice is guiding me in the right direction. What really helps to know what direction to take, don’t trust the “I should. . . ” it usually leads to frustration.

The first step is to realize that their is a mind body spirit connection. We’re a spirit in a physical body learning lessons on this earth that will help us learn to love ourselves unconditionally. We have to work together with all our parts (and personalities for that matter) to learn this lesson.

What does Mind Body Spirit mean to you? Spend some time thinking about that. Do you want to do some writing about it before opening your healing journal or do a page first? I would recommend that you do both some writing and image making so you can uncover more wonderful wisdom that’s inside you.

Mind Body Spirit collage parts

I wanted to start with a collage so I grabbed a totally unrelated page with art deco punch outs on it. I picked out all the stuff that “hit” me. Get used to that feeling and those little nudges. As you start trusting yourself to pick out the images in your healing journal and find that awesome, you will start trusting yourself in other areas of your life.

Mind Body Spirit collageI spent about 15 – 20 minutes arranging different pieces on the page and deciding which ones I really wanted to use. I picked images to represent mind, body, & spirit. When I picked up the 1-5 I thought, “5 ways that I know there is a connection”. I wanted to use the applause because I’m a cheerleader deep down and there always has to be encouragement on the page. When you’re satisfied (knowing when to stop fiddling takes practice) glue the pieces down.

Mind Body Spirit finished pageNow get out pens or markers and doodle, draw lines to write in, and put your thoughts on the page. Your handwriting is beautiful, as are you. Your thoughts are brilliant, as are you. Your page is a masterpiece – AS ARE YOU.

2 Comments on “Where to Start with a Healing Journal?

  1. This is so good! Love how you play with things! Your final paragraph makes me want to CHEER! 🙂

    Beautiful, beautiful.

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