Let a found word poem reflect your wisdom.

bonzai treeI have just started doing found word poems and it’s fast becoming a favorite process (ok, everything creative is a favorite process of mine). Using random words that speak to you as you scan the page of a book can birth an interesting poem. This is particularly helpful if you don’t know much about writing poems or if a blank page is too “dangerous”.

I created this page as an example for a workshop “Getting Wordy” my Creating Your Path partner & I are leading next week. After I got it done I held it at arms length and looked at it, to my delightful surprise I saw a bonsai tree. The happy accidents, delightful surprises, and wacky mistakes that we create without knowing it until we finish is so exciting.

What a great metaphor for our journey here on this path of life! We create one step at a time not really knowing how our project is going to look. If we trust the process and our creative choices as we go then no matter what the outcome is, we know we have showed our true self. It is the creative process and listening to what we really want to do with our art that is so whole-some (sum of our whole).

This is the same with our lives: we only have our trust of the process and trusting our intuition to light the next step on our path. We never know what direction our art or lives are going to take which is why my art has been my tool for coping and thriving.

How to create a found word poem

page from The Artist's Rule by Christine Painter
page from The Artist’s Rule by Christine Painter

Use a page from an old book or photocopy one. Non fiction books are my favorites. Scan the page quickly circling words or phrases that hit you – don’t question or spend too much time on this.

Now color, doodle, collage on the parts of the poem that aren’t circled.

Found word poem I used colored pencil, washi tape, and Gelato water soluble crayons. If you don’t like a part of the page, you can cut it out or cover it up.

Found word poem I cut parts of the page out I didn’t like, glued it on top of a piece of scrapbook paper. I scribbled Distress Stain on a page in my sketchbook and glued my poem on it. I wrote my poem along the edge using the circled bits.

All at once strong images for contemplation about the mysteries burst from an Icon Artist.

She must respond by serving the mysteries and help others on their spiritual journeys.

Even though she was less certain about the Heart of Mystery.

She leaped into the great unknown shouting, “Our call as monks and artists is honoring this right and fertile path”.

One Comment on “Let a found word poem reflect your wisdom.

  1. I like this idea! And I like what you’ve done with it. You are right about everything creative is a favorite. 😀

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