Challenge Your Negative Self Talk and Unpack Your Baggage

Inner Dialog

I dipped into some dark territory with my last page spread and now I remind myself that the hauntings from my past do not mean they are my future. My inner dialog is not my future. I can choose what I listen to and focus on.

There will always be some negative self talk, but I am learning to acknowledge it for what it is – just old noise. I look at the thought, hold it to the mirror of my truth, evaluate it for something I can change, and then let it go.


If there is something that is nagging at me then I may get out my oracle cards to help me think about it in a different way. Changing the focus or looking at your thought process differently can make a big difference in whether or not you believe the negative shit that has attached itself to you.

We all have baggage that we need to unpack to realize it just doesn’t fit us anymore. Look at what haunts you and really see if it is truth or an old insecurity from someone else. We have inherited our families insecurities which don’t apply to us.

As you unpack your old hurts and negative self talk, write down the opposite of what they are saying. One of my old haunts is, “I’m lazy if I’m not working all the time”. The opposite of that for me is, “Relaxing allows me to have enough energy to do more later” and “working just to work isn’t healthy or productive”.

Challenge your ghosts today. It may take time to really incorporate new self talk, but little by little you will change the focus.

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