I’ll Always Choose Silliness Art Journal Page

glitterIn any situation I will always choose silliness and I wanted to celebrate that in this art journal page. I tried growing up at one point in my life and that was just too depressing so now I celebrate my inner child. I love sparkly stuff and I put Swarovski crystal in most of the jewelry I make and I have glitter glue that is just awesome.

Brides maid braceletsMy tip for the day – be silly! It helps to lighten your load and get your focus on more positive aspects of your life. Celebrate what you love in your art journal as a reminder. The first decision I made after being  told I had a cancerous tumor was I was still going to be a positive as I could. I joked a lot about my cancer through out my treatment & stem cell transplant. It was so interesting to see people’s reaction and their discomfort in my making light of the situation.

It’s ok to be as light as you can be no matter what you are going through. Always be true to your need to process and grieve the situation, but there are times when you can see all the funny parts as well.

Back cover of altered book

2 Comments on “I’ll Always Choose Silliness Art Journal Page

  1. You are an amazing and beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing your perspective – it is so inspirational to hear this! 🙂

    Cheers to silly and play every day!

  2. I too love sparkles and all things silly. And you’re completely right, keeping a happy, positive mood can lighten your spirit and bring joy to your day. Thanks! 🙂

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