Celebrating Favorite Things in My Art Journal

my favorite thingsI use my art to celebrate all the things I love. I save pictures and quotes from my favorite magazines so I’m always ready to collage. I pulled out the picture of Brian Froud’s fairie art and wanted to do a page around that. This page turned into celebrating favorite things.

I am reading Art Heals by Shaun McNiff and he talks about the soothing qualities of beauty. A healing journal doesn’t have to be dark and filled with all the yucky stuff in life. It’s good to get stuff out and express the feelings inside you, but don’t stay in the dark. Self expression is about celebrating the beauty in your life as well.

Use pictures of your favorite stuff and colors you love to make pages that will bring calm and peace. Celebrate the fun and silliness of life. Strive for balance in your art as you do in life. It’s a daily practice to check your focus.

warm fuzziesThis collage is filled with images that remind me of warm fuzzy memories. I look at this now and it still makes me smile. Your art can be used for meditation, to refocus on the positive, or to evoke beautiful memories.

Published by Your Inner Art

Mixed Media and jewelry artist, author, and teacher. The creative process has carried me, taught me, and comforted me. I use art as income and therapy - it is my joy. This evolution has brought me to the Goddess path of wisdom and alchemy in my art and in my soul. Embodying the many facets of Goddess is a valuable tool in personal growth and self care. I provide encouragement, instructions, and what I have learned about the human experience. My books are: Creatively Through Cancer and Caring for Yourself the Creative Goddess Way. My jewelry is Goddess Adornment. My blog is how to use art as therapy and self care.

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