The Process of a Watercolor Abstract

water color sketchagateI love agates because they are little works of art. I see landscapes and abstracts in them.

Here’s one that really struck me as beautiful so I sketched it out on watercolor paper.

I am curious how it’s going to turn out! I haven’t come to a conclusion to the color scheme yet. I’m still meditating on that.

making art leads us to a good share of meditation and contemplation while we are working on a project. I spend a lot of time taking a step into the process and then looking at it. I’m going deep inside me and listening to how I want to express what my heart is telling me about a piece.

My art speaks to me as I walk a path with it. I do not know where any piece is going to lead me. Making art is faith. Faith in yourself and faith in the process. With each project I finish both my faith and confidence grows.

Faith in the process grows and strengthens as I learn how the media acts. I know my cycle of not really loving what I’m doing until it’s done (that’s how I know it’s finished). I look at the piece and “see” parts that I’m not peaceful with and then I think about what it needs.

My confidence in myself grows as I see my truth – I AM AN ARTIST. I am celebrating my unapologetic attitude. I listen to my heart & gut, learn about artistic processes, and put in the time to be who I am today. I love my art, my color choices, and my ability to embrace abstract subjects. I love the fact that I use art as a tool and my desire to share that with others.

We are glorious creative creatures. Celebrate your gifts and dreams. Own what you do great!


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