Expectations in my creative process

Distress StainsDistress StainsOne of my art supplies I splurge on is Tim Holz Distress Stains. They are so quick to use for a great background in my art journals.

I just blot and scribble with them. I got the blue to splatter here.


I’ve been thinking about expectations in my creative process lately and with this page they didn’t pan out at all. As William Shakespeare said – Expectation is the root of all heartache. I think he knew what he was talking about.

I wanted to use a stencil with my matte gel medium. I put some on the stencil (on the paper) with a pallet knife. I wanted it to dry quick so I dried it with the stencil on the page – nope. Make sure you take the stencil off before the medium dries or it will pull off when you remove the stencil.

stencilstencilsI was “expecting” to rub some stain on the gel medium to accent the stencil. What I got was the gel pulling off the color.

One needs to learn quickly to flow with what happens. I have dubbed myself the Queen of Happy Accidents.

Ok, so I would like some more stain on the edge. I used a stencil but the stain is very thin so it gets under the stencil. I use it very carefully and that turns out. Now I want some more white so I get some acrylic craft paint and try to scrape some down the edge, but there is still some bumps of gel medium. That get smeared so I blot it off with a kleenex.

distress stainI like it because the stain shows through a little. I look at my washi tape and add some of that.

Distress StainLooking good. Now I want to journal about expectations. The surface is bumpy so I use stickers to write expectations – except I don’t have enough of one kind of alphabet sticker to make the whole word.

Distress StainI have learned that when I get attached to a certain (or specific) outcome for any situation, it frustrates me if it doesn’t go that exact way. When this happens, I miss the great things that actually are happening. Be open and take each step in the process for what it is. Work with what you have and decide what to do next each step of the way. We’re never given the whole map at once in the creative process or for life in general.

Making art is a great way to practice getting used to laying down our specific expectations and go with the flow. I’ve found things usually turn out pretty good, if you look at the bigger picture and don’t get frustrated with the little steps.


2 Comments on “Expectations in my creative process

  1. I’ve realized that I do the same thing. I get so caught up in “doing it right”, that I might miss something beautiful happening organically. Sometimes, we’ve just got to let go and be free!! 🙂

    Beautiful page!!

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