Let’s Start with Color!!!

color-wheel-chart-03Finding your creative style has a lot to do with your color palette so let’s start with color.

Finding and owning your color palette will help you no matter what art supplies you’re using.

As you can see from this color wheel there are warm colors and cool colors. Are you drawn to a certain side? What do the cool colors make you think of? What about the warm colors?

What colors are in your closet? If you were to pick 3 colors for your bath towels what would they be?

Are the colors you like next to each other or opposite from each other?

Find a color wheel on line, print it out and glue it into your journal.

Big-WheelColor Schemes1







This wheel show different tints (adding white) and shades (adding black) of the color wheel. Color schemes are colors that you put together for a project.

What schemes do you like and what tone of color do you like? Make notes in your journal. Find examples of the colors you like and collage them on several pages.

color paletteThese are a few of the paint chips I got and I made my own color schemes. I’m trying to like pink and use it, but it’s really hard to brake out of my color palette. I’m still deciding if it’s necessary for me to force it.






color palette 3Here are images from some magazines that I was drawn to.







color palette 1On this page I played around with my watercolors and mixed some right on the page.

I made some color schemes and named my palettes.





color palette 2Here are my two favorite colors. I used all my art supplies so I would know how each color looks.


Play around with different colors in your journal. Take your time and listen to your gut when you’re picking out colors.

These pages will help you listen or tune into your gut and help you trust your decisions. You have your own color preferences and they are wonderful for you. Art is individual and I’m hoping to help you love your choices and have confidence with your favorite colors. You don’t “have” to use any colors if you don’t want to – especially in your journal. Even if you sell your artwork, it’s with your specific color choices that someone else will resonate with so be yourself.

The more you practice identifying your palette, the more confident you will become with your art and I believe you’ll become a more confident person.

One more small assignment for today: tell yourself you’re creative – out loud.




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