Finding Time for Your “art” self

sketch book 1We all know how important it is to find time for ourselves. The worst thing we can do is loose ourselves in the busy-ness of life. I have fallen into the mind trap of, “I don’t have the time to relax – there’s too much on my plate already”. Sound familiar? If you have trouble finding time for your “art” self, then it’s REALLY time for you to get into your art journal.

I truly believe one of our main missions (if not the real mission) while we’re here is to get to know ourselves. We’re programed from a very young age to look outside ourselves for the answers. We now live in a world that is so focused on measuring up to something or someone. We’re being told to look to our spiritual leaders to tell us how to live, our teachers tell us a fabricated history, and our government to sustain us. It seems it’s always somebody else that has the “right” answer, so buy their book and change to match their interpretation.

I am becoming more radical in believing the only way to find what is right for us is to listen to ourselves. We are the only ones that have the best plan for us. Spending time alone with ourselves and digging into what our truth is will bring us contentment. If we need a direction, the compass is inside us to lead us along the path that is the best for us.

PossiblityThere are so many possibilities for us and getting to know what they are can happen in your art journal. It is exciting for me to go into myself and examine me on the pages of my journal. It helps me see clearly.


1) Realize and admit that it is the most important thing to have alone time. To rest and take care of yourself. If you loose yourself in activities for others – it will lead to resentment, anger, and feeling lonely. If you make something a priority, you’ll find room in your day for it. Where your heart is – that’s where you’ll be.

2) You can find a spare 15 minutes in your day for your art journal so do your pages in stages.

  • Do the background on several pages. Drop a couple dots of craft acrylic paint on your page and scrape it around with any old ID, credit card, or discount card. It makes a think layer that dries quickly (you can use your hair dryer to speed things up)
  • backgroundCut up images from a magazine while you watch tv or helping your kids with homework. Showing them that art is essential is fantastic.
  • Doodle while you’re waiting for something – carry your journal with you. Take some gel pens, glue stick, and collage bits with you for appointments. One of the cool side effects of making art is that people are “drawn” in by it and want to know what you’re doing.
  • Realize that you don’t have to do an entire page or project at one sitting. As long as you do something in your journal as much as you can is great. We seem to have been sucked into the lie that it’s all or nothing. In reality, it’s baby steps that will be the most help. Don’t fall into the expectation trap and the mindset that “if I don’t finish, I’ll never get back to it”.

Your art journal is your fun place, safe place, no rules place, and your spilling place. Do what you can as much as you can. Your journal doesn’t have expectations on how it’s going to be used. Look inside yourself and feel/sense/intuit when you need to go to your journal.

doodle 1Relax with doodles – this page took me 4 trips into this doodle until I felt like it was done.






collage bitsCollect cool images and other memorabilia from events. Have them in a big zip lock baggie you can grab when you find yourself with spare time.






inks 6Let go of expectations – they cause the most frustrations & heartache.

One Comment on “Finding Time for Your “art” self

  1. great post, I’ve never really kept an art journal, well not since school and that was a VERY long time ago, until I was asked to bring one for a 9 day workshop I recently attended with the American cold wax artist Rebecca Crowell. I used it for a few days during the course and really liked it. Your post has prompted me to get back to it, and I might even take some photos for my blog too. Thanks very much for the reminder 🙂

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