The meaning of color in the paint section

glidden colorsThe emotional side of color just hit the Gidden paint company and the meanings of colors are now in the paint section. These are new paint chips I found in the paint section and I quickly grabbed them all. Of course the information on the back relates more to how to coordinate the paint color with your home, but there is some information on how it relates with mood and personality.

I’m a firm believer in expression through color because they do have emotional meaning and healing qualities. You can use specific colors to help add emotional meaning to your art. If you’re working on something internal, you can use the colors that will help empower you.

BODY (1 of 1)Color healing is in the same realm as energy healing. Colors in a prism vibrate differently so they help us in different ways. Here is a list of colors and simple explanations of what they mean.

Red symbolizes: Action, Confidence, Courage, and Vitality. It is stimulating and can remove fear along with any reluctance to move forward.
Pink symbolizes: Love, Beauty
Brown symbolizes: Earth, Order, Convention, Moderation, and Loyal
Orange symbolizes: Vitality with endurance, brave, and sociable. It’s profound meaning is that all experiences in our lives have nutrients that we need.
Gold symbolizes: Wealth, Prosperity, Maturity, and Wisdom
Yellow symbolizes: Wisdom, Joy, Intellectual energy, and honesty. Boosts low self-esteem, encourages joy and is useful for releasing fear.
Green symbolizes: Life, Nature, Fertility, Well-being, and Talented. Helps to bring focus, clarity, and understanding especially with issues from the past.
Turquoise symbolizes: Calm, Introspective, Self-sufficient, and Balanced. The only color that helps you put yourself first and to overcome self sabotage.
Blue symbolizes: Youth, Scared, Truth, and Peace/Serenity. Brings rest, cools & calms. Helps to learn the power of the spoken word.
Purple symbolizes: Royalty, Magic, Mystery, Spiritual Leadership
Indigo symbolizes: Knowing, Meditation, Deep Contemplation, and Purification. Prepares you for the realm of mystery & psychic dimensions—the color of spiritual openings. It’s also a good cleanser and purges addictive emotional ties.
White symbolizes: Purity, Cleanliness, Expansive, Truthful, and Peaceful
Black symbolizes: Death, Stability, Artistic, and Idealist
Gray symbolizes: Sorrow, Security, Maturity, and Genuine


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