Playing with the mood in your colors

Playing with colors & moodWe’re going to be playing with color and mood in this post. There are warm colors and cool colors on the color wheel. color-wheel-chart-When you were experimenting with your color palette did you lean more toward warm or cool?Start thinking about the mood you are in and the colors you use. We’ll be exploring this soon so I just wanted you to start noticing your choices.

Draw a random design on a piece of watercolor paper (I used watercolors because they blend together nicely and it was convenient to just grab my box of paint) and then draw lines so there are 4 squares. I traced around some caps and an eraser to get my design. Make the design easy to paint with larger shapes.

Playing with colors & moodplaying with color and mood







Using one warm color and one cool color – paint in the background in two squares.

playing with color and moodOne side will be cool colors with a white background and a colored background. The other side will be warm colors. Paint the shapes using a cool palette and a warm palette.

cool and warm palette practiceI did use one color from the opposite color palette in the top squares. Using a surprise color that isn’t expected (like some pink in a green tree) or one from the opposite side of the color wheel creates a more dynamic piece.

What comes to your mind as you look at your piece? What do you see when you look at each side? This project will help you decided on the colors of the mood you want to portray in your art journals and art projects.

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