Drawing – is it really necessary to the creative process?

doodle 1When I tell someone I’m a creative coach the majority of replies is about not being able to draw. So I am asking, drawing – is it really necessary to the creative process? My creative style and authentic voice is all about colors and textures. I don’t do realism if I can help it. I have done some for different art classes but it’s uncomfortable for me.

doodlesSometimes I play around with sketches and try to do more realistic doodles but I’m not moved to do this often. If my message is creativity is finding your own style and celebrating it then I have to be honest and say that I don’t like to do realistic anything. I love abstract, doodles, using my own color palette, and a lot of thick texture.

Live your imagination

I use found objects and collage if I want to show realism. I don’t think that drawing realistic landscapes or figures makes one more creative. If someone is excited by drawing trees or the human figure in great detail then they have to fill sketchbooks until they achieve their authentic voice. It is not the mark to hit or the only way you can create.

ANY CREATIVE EXPRESSION IS VALID – period. Making stuff should be from the heart and it should be done the way you want to do it.

Bead embroidery pinmixed media

You can see my style in the different media I use and I love how I express myself. There, I said it, “I love my art.” Your expression should be celebrated in whatever form you decide to bring into this world.

Passion is the goal to achieve – find the passion in your creative process. What turns you on, makes your heart race, or brings a smile to your face?

Do what you love and throw away the idea that your stuff needs to look like someone else’s. Don’t copy or imitate. Get inspiration from other work, but don’t think you have to make it the same to be good.

You are good and your expression is valid. What you want to bring into this world from the wisdom you have inside is lovely and needed. You are love and your art is amazing! Believe that because it’s true.

Life isWhat are you going to paint today with your life? You create your day and your attitude. Choosing to celebrate your life and having a positive attitude is a beautiful subject for your canvas.

Leave a comment on what your life on a canvas looks like. I want to hear about your authentic creative voice!!!!

2 Comments on “Drawing – is it really necessary to the creative process?

  1. WOOOOO!!! I am standing cheering for this awesome post!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I love, love love this concept that you totally jazzed up with your awesome art work: Be Yourself. Yes, yes, yes. Yes!

    I love this, too: “I don’t do realism if I can help it.” That is so awesome, so dig how you own your unique voice, Cathy. You are so right – your gift, your grit is texture. It speaks, it breathes. Fabulous!

    Now, if I may, I must say that this is a perfect uplifting post for me as today is my birthday and I am feeling very festive indeed! πŸ™‚ I do believe I’ll be painting with gold and silver and all things that sparkle. I am blessed to know your spirit, friend.

    Keep shining! πŸ™‚


    • Fuck yeah!!!!!! I really want to set people free of the limiting ideas about creativity. If you are so inclined, please share so we can team together in uplifting as many people as possible!!!!

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