Give Yourself Permission instead of fighting through another resolution.

permission slipTonight another year closes and the promise of a new year is on the horizon. What will it bring? Probably more of the same unless I give myself permission instead of fighting a losing battle with another resolution.

I got this idea from a blog written by Allison Marie under GloryBegin. She is a brilliant encourager with wonderful words of wisdom. She encourages that we imagine our greatest dare and live that out in 2015.

Doesn’t daring yourself or giving yourself permission to do something feel more fun and alive?

The best book I’ve read this year is Danielle LaPort’s The Desire Map. She walks you through finding your core desired feelings so you can measure what you do by your feelings. I just finished exploring my core desired feelings and they are: Creative, Connected, Productive, Authentic, and Mystical.

Now when I do anything I see how it makes me feel. If I am depleted by the idea of doing X – then I say no. If X makes me feel any of my core desired feelings then it’s a huge YES!

I have grown up being molded into doing what I “should” and being a people pleaser. That forced me onto a path that wasn’t authentic to me and it totally drained my energy. I’m still recovering from 40+ years of trying to be what “they” wanted me to be. I didn’t really even know who “they” were or what was expected of me.

I’m really looking forward to 2015 because it’s the first full year that I will be living in my desired feelings and daring myself to be bigger than I have been. I give myself permission to be true to myself and treat me with outrageous self care.

I wish for you that you find your core desired feelings and grant yourself permission to . . . . .

5 Comments on “Give Yourself Permission instead of fighting through another resolution.

  1. Totally with u here! Best part of 4 decades with the understanding that art cant be anything more than a hobby and ‘work’ (ie most of our waking lives) doesnt rally count if its something we enjoy….

    I wish you a magnificent 2015! X

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