The Stuckness of the Creative Process

I am poemWe all go through “stuckness” in our lives, our creative processes, and even the project we are working on right now. I have been stuck on getting to my blog so today I just picked a page from my journal I haven’t posted yet and here I am. Today I showed up and sat with the new post page open.

The “I am” poem is a great activity to do when you’re stuck. Make a list starting with I am…. I wonder….I hear….I want…I am….I pretend…I feel…I touch…I worry…I cry…I am…I understand…I say…I dream…I try…I hope…I am…  What did you find? Just taking time to learn a little more about different aspects of yourself will help you understand the stuckness.

Showing up and being open is a big part of my creative process. Some days my muse whispers in my ear and hints at what’s next. Other days we dance and sing our way through a project. We have to learn to go with our biorhythms and not get too caught up in the expectations we put on ourselves. What did you write for I worry. . . or I pretend. . . or I wonder. . .as these might shine light on your expectations. What did you write for I feel. . . I cry. . .I want? How does your biorhythms fit into those? How does your I dream. . .explain your creative process?

cardsListening to my art and how I create is much akin to reading oracle cards. My ups and downs are showing up to teach me more about what I should pay attention to. My down times are showing up at this point to teach me self care and are calling me to look at the why behind my low energy levels.

I’m also learning to just show up at my computer and see what flows out – what is in me that wants to get out? I had no plan at all for this post and yet it’s flowing.

art journal page - Your PathMy lesson for today (for myself) is to take that next step on my path of building my creative coaching biz. I am listening to the Thriving Artist’s Summit and my greatest take away from last week is to do something everyday. Little steps. My biggest hurdle seems to be marketing so I’m showing up every day and doing a few things toward my marketing. Break up the big picture into little cartoon blocks so it’s easier to do.

3 Comments on “The Stuckness of the Creative Process

  1. I love that koi fish pond you posted!! Soooo pretty. I want one in real life. Also, I remember doing that “I am” poem in middle school… a lot has changed since then… maybe I’ll do it again!

    • I do I am stuff rather often – it’s a way to keep checking in with myself. Thank you for the compliment and making a comment!! I love painting koi fish.

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